Basic of SEO: Understand The Workings Of A Search Engine

Understand the workings of a search engine is the main thing that you should know before doing SEO. By knowing how to work a search engine, then you can learn how to outsmart the search engines so that your website went into the first page in the search results.

The Workings Of Search Engines

The main task is Search engines display search results that are most relevant to the query or keyword that is searched by the user. Well, to get the desired results the user, then the search results necessarily has to be relevant to the keyword the user searched for. The challenge is, how do the Search engines can assess the "relevance"? How a search engine that in fact is just a "machine" can determine the "relevance" of subjective nature?

Imagine, from the many websites in the world are the contents of "shoes", how tion this machine can determine the website more relevant than one website to another, so that one is then the first page while signed in to the website another entry on the second page instead?

Google Search Engine Revelansi Engineering
In determining the relevance, the Search Engine (in this case Google) will first collect the first (crawling) website-the website of which there is no iPhone using Google's own proprietary engine, later called spider. After that, the websites are categorized and compiled based on its content (indexing).

Of the billions of websites that have these indexed, Google then uses an algorithm (a very complicated mathematical calculations) to assess a website where the most relevant than other Web sites for a specific keyword that is searched user through the search engines. In determining the relavansi, Google uses about 200 more components parameter calculated in the seo process, which if are summarized into 3 main categories, namely:

  • Links: how many links that point to your website? How relevant these links?
  • Content: Whether your website has content that is relevant to the search query? Was the content a lot or a little? Whether the content is duplicate of all?
  • The structure of the Web: what is the structure of your website easily-crawl by Google? What is the structure of your website already dipilah-pilah based on the most appropriate category? Were a lot of dead links on your website?

Then, the first thing to do in SEO process later is how you fix this so that the parameters required 3 later Google sees your website value is higher than any other website. Besides, it is still an awful lot of other parameters you should look, which we will discuss in the next post.

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