What Is SEO? – Definition and understanding For a complete Beginner to learn SEO

On this occasion I shall discuss compliance with the above title i.e. to learn SEO for beginners, which is my first post in the category of SEO techniques, if you are a beginner in the world of SEO is definitely much asked question – "what is seo?" "a new type of mammals is seo?" or the one question that no doubt many sprung to mind your heart the most deeply, and here I will explain about what is SEO, what the benefits are?, how many types of SEO?, and others.

What is SEO? – Understanding and definition of SEO

SEO or abbreviated (Search Engine Optimization) is a way or techniques to make your site or blog we are on page/position one in the search engines (search engine) such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Understanding of SEO is also very broad but all include the same thing i.e. mengoptimisasi a page of your website/blog in order to be on the page/position one in the search engines with keyword-targeted.

SEO Examples

I have an article on this website which is "how to make the Cafe chain", then I am the article page optimization SEO techniques that I use and with targeted keyword "how to make the Cafe chain", after I optimization with either as a result of that page can rank the one with the keywords I target.

Now I'm sure you're beginning to understand about Search Engine Optimization, otherwise please read the repetitive – anniversary of the sense and the example above until you are right – right doctrine or 🙂 read also understanding seo from wikipedia.

The Advantage Of Doing SEO

Lots of advantages of doing SEO that I can not mention one by one, among which are:

1 # Bring a lot of Traffic

We all certainly know if sites or blogs are on page one of the Search engines will surely bring visitors (Traffic), depending on the keyword we target small to large data search results from Google Planner.

2 # increase sales

If a site selling a product or goods such as lazada.co.id that sell a variety of goods such as laptop or another, so if there are people searching on google with the keyword "cheap laptop sale" then those sites rank 1, then it is 95% lazada will get sales from the SEO results.

3 # improve competitiveness

Is it easy to SEO advantage on this one, if the position of a site higher then automatically power saingnya would be higher. There are many more advantages of SEO is that I didn't mention all the, as I am sure with the 3 things above just sure you already understand about SEO advantage.

Overview Of The History Of SEO

According to Danny Sullivan, the term search engine optimization first used on 26 July 1997 by a spam message posted on Usenet. At the time the search engine algorithms are not yet too complex so easily manipulated.

Early versions of search algorithms based entirely on information provided by the webmaster via the meta tag in the html code of their web sites. Meta tags provide information about the content that is contained on a web page with a series of keywords (keywords).

Most webmasters do manipulation by way of writing down keywords that do not correspond to the actual content of the site, so search engines are misplaced and ranks the site. This causes the search results become inaccurate and result in losses for both the search engines as well as for internet users expect relevant and quality information.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization

Basic SEO That You Should Know

This basic SEO is arguably the very foundation of compulsory known by beginners in the world of search engine optimization, because it is a thing that should be applied if you want to be seo experts are on site or make the page/ position one of google with the keywords you target.

You need to know a lot of people say that there are two basic seo and also some say if it there are three basic seo. Which of the following is true? According to my own everything true, false burglar 😀 cuman to those who say that there are three basic seo means he's just adding Keyword Research into its basic seo and that is very true because without seo keyword research it seemed useless as looking for fake address.

Okay, so what are the basics of seo, let's discuss one by one ...

1. On Page SEO

Hear the word above certainly are familiar for seo experts, but will be unfamiliar to beginners in the world of seo. On Page SEO is a technique of mengoptimisasi Web page by applying some basic keyword-targeted to them. Advantages of on page seo is to your site will be more judged relevant by google, also if the page just to get a little backlinks can certainly be easy #1 Google ranking.

The following should be applied in basic on page seo:

1. Title tags
2. Meta Description
3. The URL
4. Headings (h1, h2, h3, h4)
5. Image ALt Tag Image &
6. Link to Site Authority

Tittle Tags
The Title Tag is the same as the title on a post/article but different, because generally this title tag read by search engines, if the title tag is not replaced or equal to resemble the post title so that appear on search engines as the title tag i.e. title the post. The following image is an example title tag.

Title tags can be replaced using the Seo WordPress plugin by Yoast, if you use WordPress for bloggers or others I have yet to figure out how to replace the title tag.

Meta Description
Meta descriptions are description of a page based on your post article of the sentence, so that the meta description looks tempting and attractive traffic you need to modify it by using the SEO plugin by Yoast as I've described above.

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, is a series of characters according to a standard format, which is used to indicate the address of a resource such as documents and images on the Internet, that according to wikipedia 🙂 you can read it here.

If you think I am just a simple URL that is a series of letters that form a link to a page of the site, e.g. "http://seotrics.tech" so the URL is very influential on Search Engine Optimization.

Headings are a set of words becomes a title or subtitle in a html document. Different headings with the tag <title>.

HTML provides six levels of headings, where heading level 1 (<h1>) is the largest, regular was in the post title, and headings (level 6 <h6>) is the smallest.

Link to Authority Site
What is a Link to authority site? IE is a post that link to trusted sites/sites – who believed google like yotube, wikipedia, facebook and many more.

How do I know the site that is believed to google? You can see it from a Page Rank (PR) of the site if the page rank of a site more than 7 then it could be said that site already believed google (Authority Site).

Then how do I know the PR of a site? the easiest way to install the expansions you enough IE's WebRank SEO from Google Chrome browser download them way in advance of the Chrome Web store, for Mozilla Firefox you can use seobook seo toolbar from please check here.

2. Off Page SEO

Off Page Search Engine Optimization is the way mengoptimisasi a page from the outside of the site (use backlink), "what is a Backlink?

Backlinks are links from the pages of our site that is on a page of the site other people who have the PR (Page Rank).

Search engines such as Google are very fond of quality Backlinks which means the backlinks from authority sites or sites that Google is believed to have a high PR and like Wikipedia, Twitter, WordPress, and others.

Therefore, a site will be in the position adopted by google if you have backlinks from authority sites, and could even make our site high rankings with the keyword in the target if it is getting backlinks from sites berPR high.

I hope you understand about Understanding the Backlink, if still not understand, I give a little example, look at the picture below.

You can see in the image above that link my site https://balindigo.com getting backlinks from other sites that have PR 5, and it can increase my site position in search engines.

Now I'm sure you would already know about Backlinks.

The difference a Backlink with a Link Spam I have a bit of experience when learning seo, that time I wrote on a forum with the title "thousands of backlinks in this forum", and it turns out that an awful lot of that disagreed with my writing, because links are very much came from the forum and do not have a PR, it is NOT a Spam Link Backlink. Truly an embarrassing experience, but have to gimana again, his name will surely also learned to always find fault. From the experience that I know and understand about the differences between the backlinks and Link Spam, you need to know to return the name of the link spam is not only derived from the forum, but the more that comes from a Blog Comment or comments in people blogs that leave tens to hundreds of links that are not qualified.    You can see on the picture, tens to hundreds of spam links that hovers on the comments on the blog of the person. Therefore also I highly dislike comments that leave spam links on my site, and if I find anything like that, then I will delete those comments mercilessly:D. Well ... my walalupun also often spam, but spam links on my:D place, namely at the good-hearted people blog which allows to install a lot of links on their blog.

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